The purpose of this post is to see if we can arrive at an inspiring and actionable contribution to women’s social-spiritual potential. This topic would normally travel a route which passes by direct political matters, feminist theory, and so on. And it’s not that this post isn’t about those things, it’s just that my intention is to arrive at social-spiritual power by way of stories, symbols, and swimming — from which we work backwards to derive appropriate action.

Specifically, this post is about Trudy Ederle, the sea, post-God spirituality, and the symbol-story complex which all together point to a society…

Hold on — let me explain.

No. You should have written this first. You’re busy talking about terraforming other planets and meta-this-and-that.

I just prefer to hit the ground running. It seems self-indulgent to write about myself.

Maybe you don’t know what you’re doing, so you’re putting up walls of text as a defense.

That’s not very charitable. I mentioned the principle of charity in another one of my posts. Did you read it?

Obviously. I’m you.

Anyway, I decided to write this current post exactly because I want to keep talking about other things, and recognize that this adds…

There are some problems with 2025. Admittedly, things like Covid-19 aren’t the problem they were in your time, but I’m sorry to tell you that other crises have usurped them. I can’t get into it all right now, but this is a message for both the 2021 version of myself (who I’ll refer to as Evan-21), and the rest of you, who can learn from his mistake.

Around the summer of 2021, Evan-21 published something very stupid on Substack:

Deepfake Me!

This is so funny and such a good idea

As you know, I’ll be releasing a book soon, and…

I recently read a New York Times article on the NYPD’s use of Spot, the robot dog built by Boston Dynamics. It’s a subject I’ve given a bit of thought in the last few years. It’s part of a broad acceleration towards an economy in which robots, artificial intelligence, brain-computer interfaces, and the Internet of Things (IoT) will be just as important as human intelligence. I also see this specific application of robotics as an opportunity to synthesize some the world’s disparate views on justice, police accountability, and systemic racism.

The NYT article highlights the “dystopian” aesthetic of a robot…

I didn’t know there was a name for it. But when I started reading about metamodernism, it gave me a new tool to describe something I had deeply internalized to the point that it had faded into the background.

The broader applications of metamodernism inspired me to write this. But this annotated playlist could not possibly attempt to spell out the full scope of change which could come about in a metamodern era. Rather, in the spirit of this way of feeling/seeing/being, this is a lighthearted introduction to something very serious. My intention today is simply to introduce you to…

Evan Atlas

Welcome to the metarevolution

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